• Gain Peace of Mind With a Professional Home Inspection
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The average cost for a home inspection is about $500, although you may spend more or less for this service. The money is well-spent because it gives you the assurance to purchase a home with confidence it won’t cost you a ton of money when all is said and done. Home inspectors look at all the major components of the home to ensure that it’s free of defects, providing a report when the inspection is done. Some of the areas that your inspection covers:


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The average asphalt shingles roof costs just over $7,700. That’s a lot of money to invest right after buying a home. Once you schedule a home inspection services wichita falls tx, it’s easy to buy a property without concern that a new roof is needed. But, it needn’t be this drastic for the inspection to reveal the details. Any major roofing concerns are detailed in your report.


Foundation problems can ruin the structure of the home and cause substantial damage that cost thousands of dollars to revitalize. If there is any damage to the foundation of the home you’re interested in buying, the inspector will find it and note this on the report so you know what to expect in the future if you follow through with the deal.

Electrical Components

Electricity in your home is available through the wiring and components installed in the home to provide this service. Frayed or damaged wires, bad circuit boxes, and other problems increase the risks of electrical fires and costly repairs. Is the electricity in good condition in the home you want to buy? Find out with a home inspection.

Put your worries behind you and enjoy a home inspection before investing money and time into a property. This is just some of the coverage provided in your home inspection.