Why is Religion Important?

Today, there exist so many religions in the world we live in. Some religions have existed for many years as opposed to others which could be a bit new when you make the comparison. There are those that are common among people all over the world, and there also exists those establishments which are rare but also serve the same purposes. There are many views of people, and people rarely recognize some of these establishments to having any similarities to the religion. The first perception about religion is that it has to bind the people that have the same belief.

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It is a human nature to have conscious of oneself about how they feel, think or react to different situations. People will often feel that they have the right to have their own thoughts and they make a mistake of wanting other people to accommodate their views at all times since they sometimes assume their opinion matters most. This process creates a sense of individuality and which could bring about lack of proper understanding amongst people. It could result in feelings of self-sufficiency and self- orientation.


Self-sufficiency could result in lack of social responsibility and egoism. Religion is significant in that it has teachings that help the believers accommodate others and create good relationships that are based on care and love. It is a common ground where people of different social classes can meet and feel like equals.


Being a member of any religious group helps people have a sense of identity, and people observe ethics that are stipulated in the rules of that group. There is a way a particular religious group member is supposed to behave under different conditions. These religious groups encourage their members to have principles such as compassion and integrity.


Religions also support the community and deliver moral teachings to its members and this way people learn how to take care of others and provide help for the less fortunate in the community. Religion teaches how people can accommodate others and care for them unlike having the feeling of self-sufficiency. These teachings are helpful as they assist in making the members embrace people of all kinds regardless of race or area where people come from. People learn to live in harmony with others through forgiveness and understanding.


Moral education also taught in the religious groups help in encouragement of people to continue doing that which is right and within the law and this way people have self-control. Service to others is also encouraged, and people can live in this world friendly. It provides moral support to those who are lonely and those who may be going through hardships and make them spiritually strong. Religion is also essential in providing hope for a better tomorrow through the teachings.


Religion is helpful in making people have a Divine connection with others, and this brings about people living in harmony and working together as one. Through religion, people respect and love each other, and this makes the world a better place to live in togetherness.